Women Pickleball Players Hanging Out Together!

Join us the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month to Engage & Interact with one another & some of my PRO Pickleball friends/experts...plus have the opportunity to do virtual "Pickleball Community Building & Networking."

Pickleball Happy Hour for Women created by & Hosted by Dotti Berry, aka Coach B, who brought you EPIC Pickleball MindShift SummitPickleball MindShift Coaching, and EPIC Pickleball HealthShiftsummit.  Register below and it will roll over to enable you to join Pickleball Forum for Women!  

If 2020 was a RESET,  2021 offers the opportunity for you to experience a major PIVOT in your Pickleball Game!  Interested? Join together for a virtual "drink of training & connecting"...all on me, Coach B...Woohoo!  Hosting Top Women Pickleball PROs once a month who will offer their Best Pickleball Tips, followed by a Q & A.  It's your opportunity to interact and engage with them, as well as with one another in Breakout Rooms. 

How many of the following make you say "Yes, I want that."

  • I want to experience a greater sense of community with other women Pickleball players where I can connect and engage face-to-face (ok, this will be virtual for now, but goal is in person in the future!)
  • I want to learn some pickleball drills from women coaches that can be implemented into my game...sooner than later! 
  • I want to know more about everyday pickleball women like me who are promoting pickleball in their area and making a difference in the lives of others through our sport.

We've got your covered..
Agenda (except for monthly"Host a Woman PRO"):

  • Highlight multiple Women Pickleball Players/Coaches /Experts- 30 minutes -Interview one for 30 minutes or 2 for 15 minutes or 3 for 10 minutes - Coaches will share their favorite drill or how they are promoting pickleball in their area.
  • Pickleball Community Building/Networking opportunities: 30 minutes
    Let's connect with one another...develop a stronger sense of community...share ideas and resources! Admins and moderators from the Pickleball Forum for Women will pop in and out of the breakout rooms

How many of the following make you say, "Yes, that's me in Pickleball."

  • I struggle to know where to begin to improve my game, both on and off the court.
  • I want to better understand the process of drilling vs playing for improving my game.
  • I feel overwhelmed with all of the choices of shots and strategies.
  • I need a specific plan for how to get to the next level.
  • I'm lost when it comes to figuring out which paddle best suits my game.
  • I want to expand my circle of potential tournament partners in the future.
  • I feel fairly proficient, but wonder whether a boot camp, clinic or virtual course will most propel my game to the next level.
  • I've attended boot camps/clinics, How should I proceed after it's over? I'm having trouble discerning what to implement into my game on the court. 
  • I'm interested in becoming a Pickleball Coach.  What's the best approach?
  • I'm interested in becoming a USA Pickleball Ambassador?  What's involved?

We've got your covered...
Monthly "Host a Woman PRO" Agenda:

  • Drills, Training & More with Women Pickleball PROs - 30 minutes
    Our monthly "drink of training" is jam-packed with concise, practical strategies that you’ll be able to implement into your game!
  • Q & A - 15 minutes: "Everything you Want to Ask the Woman PRO." 
  • Experience Community with other women - 15 minutes:
    This will be available at times with larger groups.

Register for FREE and receive Coach B's EPIC MindShift Coaching course ($297 Value). Join us the first and third Wednesday of each month at 5 pm PST/6pm MST/7 pm CST/8 pm EST.

Plus...free access to PRO Helle Sparre's 3rd shot Master Class

Just bring the hors d'oeuvres...your enthusiastic pickleball attitude... for engaging via "Ancora Imparo"...I am Still Learning!

You're always invited back to our virtual home base at PickleballHappyHour.com, where you can enter each week, hear a Women PRO offer on court and off court physical and mental tips once a month, and join in the virtual FUN! Once you "ring the doorbell" at our virtual home by registering below,  it will recognize you next time you arrive at PickleballHappyHour.com!  

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