Polishing Talent. Actualizing Dreams.

You've Got the Talent. We've Got the Plan.


Whether you are seasoned peformer or just getting started towards your dream, the walk to becoming the star that you dreamed you could be can be a very lonely one, if you go it alone.  It's been said "if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go FAR, go together."

I've found this to be true in life, and true of this business.  You can do everything right and still not get 'there'.  You may make some progress.  But ask yourself this - How much further could I go with the synergy, network and support of others?  It will remain a mystery until you engage in a dynamic community of other creatives.  Until you experience the energy of a tribe, you wont know what you've been missing.

Audition life can be grueling at times.  It can try your nerves and destroy your confidence.  You do your best.  You go in, and come out feeling as though you nailed that audition, but when you don't get that opportunity, you simply don't hear back.  No feedback. No critique. No way of knowing what to tweak next time.  When you're part of a professional tribe, a creative community and have an engaged coach and team, critical feedback is always a part of your process.  Iron sharpening iron.

Do you love the arts and entertainment? Is your heart geared in a unique and special way to affect others through the medium of film, music, dance or theater?  

Do you desire to use your gifts and talents to affect culture, to make a living doing it and fulfill your dreams? 

We hold a firm belief that our dreams and our talent have been given to us in order to fulfill a great purpose.

Do you believe this? 

Join this tribe. Hang out. Gain inpsiration. Be infused with fresh encouragement.  Familiarize yourself with the journey that other creatives are on.  Hear their stories.  Share yours.

Be part of a dynamic community that enjoys and celebrates what you treasure and pursue.  Get on the inside track and gain VIP knowledge and expertise.  Discover new industry trends and opportunities before they hit the 'streets'. 

I can be your guide.  We can walk this all out together! 

No more feeling alone in your journey.  We'll share in your performer's journey as a community.  We'll celebrate each other's wins and be there to prod each other forward when we all need that extra push.  

It's easy to find yourself gripped by fear of the unknown.  Fear loves performers to be isolated.  A hero's journey is never easy.  It's a heroic path to forge your own unique path in entertainment when it seems the world is lockstep in doing what's more common and understood.  If you're walking the hero's path, like every hero - you need a Guide.

In this tribe, you can expect;

  • to go from "Good to Great" utilizing tips and tricks that have been tested, tried and true. 
  • to learn exponentially and build upon your current knowledge base.
  • to connect up with some accountability - pair up with your Dream Partner.
  • to stay aware of current Industry trends and learn to have an anticapatory instead of reactionary response.
  • to gain a strong busines accumen and learn the prime importance of the business part of "show business".
  • to make friends and gain synergistic inspiration like never before.
  • to be made aware of strategic opportunities, auditions and workshops.



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