From Bump to Baby and Beyond

Your online platform with all the information you need for pregnancy, birth & beyond! Videos ranging from 20-90 minutes with renowned health & fitness professionals in their fields providing you with essential information throughout this special time.

Are you pregnant or planning on falling pregnant? If so, congratulations! You have come to the right place. 

We know that you have so many questions, and we know that there are lots of people out there that can help you. But to access them costs! It costs time, it costs money, and it’s often not possible to get in front of all the health pros that you’d like.

Are you worried you don’t know enough about pregnancy? Have questions about birth and labour? 

Do you know your plans for when baby comes home? Have questions on how to care for your new baby? How to nourish and heal your body post-birth??

We have all these answers, and more! To access all of these professionals and experts normally would be impossible for most of us. But you deserve the best of knowledge to prepare and empower you through your pregnancy journey. 

So, we have taken away the biggest barriers to you getting to trusted information sources - time, space, and cost. 

We have brought together an incredible team of health professionals and experts into our accessible, affordable online space. The knowledge, tips and tricks that they share is information you can be confident in from sources you can trust. We are here to support you to have the most amazing journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood possible. 

You are taking a wonderful step - empowering yourself through education to support, nurture and inspire through this amazing time. And you deserve the best!


What you will learn:

Get answers about birth and labour from our Obstetrician, Associate Professor Kenneth Nathan, who has incredible information about natural birth, Caesarian sections, and in fact specialises in Vaginal Birth After Caesarian (VBAC). Plus a bonus QnA.

Learn the essential nutrients and foods to nourish your body through pregnancy, heal your body post-birth, and avoid post-natal depletion from our Nutritionist Jo Atkinson. 

Discover how to care for and protect your pelvic floor, tips and strategies for birthing well and post-birth recovery with our post-grad certified Women’s Health Physiotherapist Alison Wroth. 

Learn how to avoid low back pain, care for your spine and body, and learn about your baby’s development with post-graduate paediatric Diplomate certified Chiropractor Dr Stephanie Marslen

Learn how to modify your training during pregnancy and when to return to exercise post-birth. Plus a daily mobility routine to help reduce pain and discomfort with pre & postnatal fitness coach Rebecca Brookes 

Partners! Learn the acupressure points to help reduce pain and discomfort during labour and birth with our Acupuntruist Ian Russell

Helpful tips and resources for the transition to motherhood with our Clinical Psychologist Elyse Frankel - covering identity, expectations, challenging emotions, self-compassion & self-care. 

Learn how to have a fear-free pregnancy and empowered birth with Pip Wynn Owen our midwife, childbirth educator and Hypnobirthing Australia instructor.

Tips to reduce toxins during pregnancy & beyond with Low Tox Health Coach Sharon Gleeson

Learn how to set up a safe sleep space for when bub arrives, sleep, swaddling, self-care and support with Nicole Cassey - Owner of Bubbaroo 

All things breastfeeding including tips for baby's very first feed with Lactation Consultant Eve Coote


Your 3 Workshops are:

~ Calm and Healthy Pregnancy ~

~ Your Empowered Birth ~

~ Positive and Practical Fourth Trimester ~


And that is just the beginning! You have access to the program for 12 months, and we are continuing to source incredible experts to add to the team.

Imagine trying to access these 11 speakers - well now you can, and it’s only $297. 

Plus - you have the options of a 3 part payment, to make it even more accessible. 

We want all pregnant women, and their birth partners, to have access to all of this important, practical, incredibly supportive information. You deserve to have a wonderful healthy pregnancy, an empowered birth, and a positive fourth trimester. 

Join us inside - and never look back. 


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