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K9 Lifeline is a world leader in creating better human and dog relationships.

 Club K9 Lifeline is for clients, friends, family and fans of K9 Lifeline to have access to simple, online, expert solutions and tips about how to help you and your dogs. All content is available at any time and at YOUR convenience, including live videos (that will remain available after), recorded videos and written interactive discussion topics. Watch videos, ask questions, get help, learn more! 

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This includes access to our exclusive Members Group,  you will also be added to our Club K9 Lifeline Facebook Group that is full of interactive content, and updated regularly with Live videos, recorded videos and discussion topics.  99% of the content is video based and you can ask questions, comment and get feedback from K9 Lifeline as they share their knowledge and videos! Become a member to get insider benefits and access to exclusive perks, discounts on products and first access to K9 Lifeline workshops and shadow programs!

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