Czardom is a highly curated network of over 20,000 vetted, deeply qualified, PR, Media and Marketing professionals. 

Utilize the Czardom community to:

  • Network for powerful media placements
  • Find job opportunities
  • Identify and locate sponsors
  • Find contacts and insider introductions
  • Discuss news affecting the PR industry
  • Get special deals from vendors and venues
  • Share vendor recommendations
  • Meet up at Czardom events in major markets
  • And much more!

Czardom also features over 50 subgroups for powerful and meaningful professional networking.

Network using location-based subgroups (NYC, LA, Chicago, Boston, DC, SF, Seattle, Miami, Denver, Texas, etc.)

Network around subgroups for major events (Oscars, Grammys, Super Bowl, etc.).

Even network with professionals in popular industry sectors (Travel, Beauty, Fashion, Gift Guides, Cannabis, Sports, Weddings and more).



"I'm so proud of my friends Jen and Cassin for starting Czardom for awesome, hard-working PR peeps."
Czar (and Dylan's Candy Bar Founder/CEO) Dylan Lauren ★★★★★

“I built my entire business on Czardom, and will tell that to anyone who asks me. Great group.” 
Czar Matthew Aversa ★★★★★

"Thanks so much to Czar Cassin Donn Duncan for making this "Shark Tank" segment on "Good Morning America" happen for my client SUM company - a new eyewear brand. SUM won the showdown judged by Kevin O'Leary. That was a lot of Czar love to get on the show!"
Czar Lisa Werthheimer Wells ★★★★★

"I just want to say that the Wonder Women Tech Conference was made at least 35% possible by the people in this group! I am SO STOKED by the amount of support and responses we have received in here. I have had so much help too. Seriously, you are BRINGING IT."
Czar Lisa Mae ★★★★★

“Just wanted to say, Thank you to Jennifer Demarchi and
organizers of this group! As a Publicist, you have opened my resources to pitch my clients to editors, writers, producers and bloggers as well as other fellow Publicists for different placement opportunities. So grateful to be apart of this group!! Due to my membership, it has increased my confidence and ability to connect my clients for opportunities that may positively affect their PR needs. My clients who don't know of this group are grateful for opportunities that I present due to this. Again, thank you for allowing me to be apart of this dynamic group. May we all prosper thru this connection.”

Czar Lana Leazer ★★★★★

“Remember a few weeks ago when I shared Ireland's story and was looking for an Imagine Dragons contact? Czars made it (a meeting of the band and the young girl) happen.” 
Czar Kate Madonna Hindes ★★★★★

“Thank you to all the Czars who made my client R. Marcos Taylor's first Academy Awards unforgettable! ....Words cannot express how grateful I am to all of you!"
Czar Lynn Cooper ★★★★★

“Thank you to Czar Christine Mango, who connected my client, SUPER BOWL 50 BOOK, with a Father's Day segment on the Hallmark. They received 25 orders for the book in the first 15 minutes of the segment and they are thrilled. Here's to the power of the Czardom network.” 
Czar David Thalberg ★★★★★

"I couldn't have pulled off this year's Handbag Awards without all of your support and recommendations. It is truly special that there is some humanity and kindness as I am always happy to help a fellow Czar and I am grateful for all you."

Emily Blumenthal Klibansky  ★★★★★



You can apply to join Czardom - the #1 group for PR, Marketing and Media Czars - right now, and get a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY RATE! 

If accepted, you will have the option to join monthly or annually. You'll pay a one-time $36 registration fee, then pay:

  • Monthly: $18/month, billed each month 
  • Annually: $108/year (save 50%), billed once per year.

Cancel at any time. No questions asked, ever. 

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