Welcome to Wu Healing Group
with Dr. Ming Wu

Are you suffering from autoimmune disease, cancer or a chronic lyme? Watch this video below to find out how you can take your healing to the next level. 

Here are the benefits you'll receive when you join the Wu Healing Group:

✦ Weekly Livestreams in which you can show up and ask questions live that I'll be able to answer right then & there! 

✦ Additional teachings, healing insights, successful healing stories and invaluable knowledge to support your own personal healing journey.

✦ Powerful weekly guided Taoist Meditations.

✦ This group’s main focus is to understand “Who Am I” and how this  applies to all aspects of your life.

✦ You will learn how apply the knowledge of a Taoist diet to your life.

✦ Online community to share, discuss and learn together. 

✦ 6 Classes weekly which you can access anytime.

✦ Monday 10-10:30PM - Bedtime Qi Gong Meditation Online

✦ Tuesday 9:30-10:30AM Qi Gong for Healing & Wellness

✦ Wednesday 8AM Morning Qi Gong for Ying Qi and Wei Qi where you learn how to use Chinese herbal medicine for self healing.

✦Thursday 9:30-10 AM Six words breathing exercise with Wei Li

✦Thursday 10:00-10:30 AM Dao De Jing study with Wei Li

✦ Thursday 9:30-10PM Sweet dream Yoga and Meditation with Wendy Zhu

✦ Friday  9:30-10:30AM - Qi Gong (with Risa)

✦ Saturday 8-9AM Qi Gong practice.

✦ Once you join the group be sure to ask questions each day and share healing stories with one another. When we do this as a group we learn from each other and create "collective unconscious", Global Brain, Qi Chan.

✦ Bonus: One time long distance tongue diagnosis and 15 minute herbal consultation for each member ($50 value).



The membership fee is $45/month. If you're interested in being in the group, Please click the link below!


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