MY SISTERS is a community where people just like you embark upon the incredible journey of discovery and holiness together with the Daughters of St Paul.

We live in confusing and troubling times. Sometimes we feel alone. We wish we knew more about how to pray, what the Church teaches, how to live out our faith in the challenges of daily life.

In each moment of our lives,
God is speaking to us.

In MY SISTERS we learn how to listen to that voice and to follow it. We are your sisters and we believe in the incredible things that God wants to do through you. Together we listen to the voice of the Lord speaking to us as we uncover the reality of our holiness.


In the MY SISTERS community
you just need to show up and God does the rest


What you will receive when you join My Sisters:

  • Live-streamed session with a sister twice a week. On Mondays you'll receive a conference on the faith, spiritual life, or living as a Catholic Today. On Thursdays you'll be able to participate in group spiritual formation that includes prayer, healing, and spiritual growth.
  • Advent Season Digital Retreat
  • Lenten Season Digital Retreat
  • Monthly Eucharistic Adoration guide
  • Monthly live Recitation of the Rosary or Chaplet to the Divine Mercy
  • Monthly live Q & A on a spiritual topic
  • Free Shipping on orders from PaulineStore.com (Standard shipping on orders between $30 and $200) from Pauline Books and Media
  • A community of pilgrims walking together the way of holiness


Join MY SISTERS for only $8.95/month or $99.95/year
(Receive the first month for just $2)

Let’s become saints together.

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