Special LIVE Facebook Event!

Tethered Oral Tissues (Tongue, Lip and Buccal Ties):
A Collaborative Team Approach to Care

Tethered Oral Tissues
(a.ka. Tongue, Lip and Buccal Ties)...

These are the terms used to describe and identify a fairly common condition that can cause so much difficulty breastfeeding (pain, decreased milk supply, weight gain issues, early undesired weaning) PLUS long-term health issues around feeding, speech, development, breathing, etc!

Join me for a very special 2-hour Facebook Live Event with an amazing, multi-disciplinary panel with some of the TOP EXPERTS in this field to discuss the importance of a collaborative, team approach to care for successful diagnosis, treatment and follow up for babies and parents!

This amazing panel will include:
Dr. Scott Siegel MD, DDS, FACS, FICS, FAAP 
Lisa Paladino RN, CNM, IBCLC 
Nancy Calamusa MA,CCC-SLP, C/NMES, NNT 
Jacquelyn Hines PT, DPT, MPT, C/NDT, CST 
Shari Criso MSM, RN, CNM, IBCLC

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