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Private and Exclusive Access to Kira's Entire Life's Work...

Thirty Seven (37) Video Tutorials to watch, enjoy and learn from.

Eight (8) PDF Instruction and Recipe eBooks to download.

Easy to prepare recipes that will completely tantalize your taste buds.

Access to High Frequency Foods Private Facebook Group. 

The High Frequency FoodsTM Course takes you on a journey through eight (8) magical and amazing portals, which include all your video tutorials, along with lots of inspiration and wisdom.

The primary intention of this Course and Membership is to cleanse, detoxify and regenersate your physical body, clear your energy field, raise your vibration, and  bring more confidence, certainty, clarity, health, well-being, self-esteem and self-empowerment into your mind, body and life!

Each video tutorial delivers all the necessary tools, information and wisdom you will need to transition from processed, harmful, non-beneficial foods, to foods that will raise and harmonize the vibration and frequency of your body!


Course, Membership and Support!

A simple, easy to follow, step-by-step approach to raising your vibration, shifting, transitioning and empowering your life. 

Includes all the steps, recipes and ingredients for your health, success and well-being. Heal and regenerate your physical body! 

Unlock your highest potential! Bring your passion and purpose to a full roar!


Includes Amazing Benefits, Tools, Practices, Techniques, Wisdom and Results...

heart Receive the best help, support, encouragement and guidance for opening up your channel and allowing into your life what serves you and supports your greatest good. 

heart Eliminate all the confusion and clutter! Make your transition into greater health and well-being simple, easy, simple and fun.

heart Discover how to let go of harmful, non-beneficial substances with ease, get back into harmony and alignment with Source energy, and feel good!

heart Build a strong, healthy, balanced and aligned foundation with fresh, organic, whole and nutritious High Frequency FoodsTM; foods that your body and cells crave!


Follow the Course, have fun, let go and learn...

  • How to do the 'Core Foods Fast' with delicious recipes that support the Fast
  • How to make and enjoy High Frequency Juice Recipes
  • How to shop for High Frequency FoodsTM
  • How to intuitively tune in, connect to, and listen to your body’s own intelligence and knowingness
  • Helpful Spiritual techniques & tools, including: Muscle Testing, Acu-Yoga, Self-Massage, Gratefulness Practice, Guided meditation, and Several beautiful Native American Ceremonies​

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Private and Exclusive Access to Kira's Entire Life's Work...

The Course is delivered in video tutorials. Each video tutorial delivers all the necessary tools, information and wisdom you will need to transition from processed, harmful, non-beneficial foods, to foods that will raise and harmonize the vibration and frequency of your body!


Pass through eight (VIII) Portals with Kira...

Portal I ~ How to Begin: New Member Video Tutorial

Portal II ~ The Beginning: Preparation Stage: Part 1 and 2

Portal III ~ Shopping for the ‘Core Foods Fast’

Portal IV ~ How to do the ‘Core Foods Fast’

Portal V ~ How to Make and Enjoy High Frequency Juices and Nut Milks

Portal VI ~ Regeneration and Detox: What to Expect

Portal VII ~ Energy Clearing, Manifesting and Ceremony

Portal VIII ~ Congratulations! Plus, Bonuses, Recipes and Substitutions


High Frequency Foods Course and Membership also includes Energy Clearing, Spiritual and Ceremonial Videos, Tools and Tips to help set your intention, manifest your desires, clear your energy field, discover and fulfill your life’s passion and purpose ~ including...

  • How to Sage 
  • Energy Clearing Prayer ~ 'Dear Ones'
  • Energy Clearing Method Instruction
  • Prana Tube Activation Instruction
  • Self Massage Instruction
  • Muscle Testing Instruction
  • Breath of Fire Instruction
  • Guided Meditation Instruction
  • Sacred Offering Instruction
  • Acu-Yoga Instruction
  • Gratefulness Practice Instruction

Bonus Recipes and Substitution Instructional Videos…

  • Boost Your Energy Green~Zing Juice Recipe
  • Adrenal Exhaustion Juice Recipe
  • Roasted Tomato~Basil Soup Recipe
  • Make Your Own Salad Dressings and Marinades
  • Addictions, Transitions and Substitutions

Plus, receive eight (8) High Frequency FoodsTM PDF Instruction and Recipe eBooks to access, download, print out and reference...

  • Book 1 ~ Playbook
  • Book 2 ~ Recipes For Core Regeneration
  • Book 3 ~ Seasonal Recipes
  • Book 4 ~ Juice Recipes
  • Book 5 ~ Meridians, Chakras and Breathing Techniques
  • Book 6 ~ Special Tips Tried and True
  • Book 7 ~ Sweat Treats
  • Book 8 ~ Special Bonus Soup Recupes

​Amazing and powerful new content continuosly being added to the Course and Membership...

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Participant Feedback and Avid Fan Testimonials...

“I love this way of eating. The recipes are delicious and the simplicity of the diet has helped me clear away long-term food allergies, sugar cravings, and digestive problems. Thank you.” ~ Valerie King

“I strongly believe High Frequency FoodsTM is the best way to regenerate and increase our mind body soul connection. I feel great! (and be careful it makes you fertile).” ~ Kara Block

“High Frequency FoodsTM is the best nutritional information for bodily health you can find. Yeah, High Frequency FoodsTM!” ~ Michell Tornes

“Kira is an amazing instructor! There is no better way of eating that makes you feel so good. I’ve learned to eat according to my body’s needs instead of what my brain wants. I can feel my body being restored, and it just tastes so delicious!” ~ Dan Posney

“With the help and support of High Frequency FoodsTM and Kira in just 3 months I lost over 50 pounds and got off my high blood pressure medication. I went from a 40 inch to a 34 inch waist. I feel healthier, happier, more energetic and more empowered than ever. I strongly recommend Kira as both a teacher and coach. I can sincerely say from my heart, Kira and High Frequency FoodsTM can transform your Life too!” ~ Kurt Trevallion


Dear Soul Friend,

Wondering if High Frequency FoodsTM can really help support you to heal, to raise your vibration, and to manifest your goals, desires and dreams?

The truth is... each time I have gone through a major boost or acceleration in my Life, in my frequency, and in my manifesting, it was with the assistance of a great coach or mentor.

I know I can help you do this... I am working with people who truly in their heart want to make a real change in their Life, want to raise their frequency, and co-create with me to get going on their journey.

If you're ready to empower your Life, clear your energy field, set your intention for your Life’s purpose, and raise your frequency, sign up for my High Frequency FoodsTM Course and Annual Membership.

I can assist you on your path... It is my greatest pleasure and a true blessing to co-create abundant health, eternal wealth, and well-being, with you. 

Together we will raise our frequency and share our beautiful heart Light!

Thank you so much for your courage.

All My Love,

~ Kira


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